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Attract. Engage. Connect.

The World has Gone Mobile

New Customers Are Coming in a Whole New Way!

Do you have a strategy to reach your local 'Mobile Shoppers'?

Smart Candy is a fun custom mobile Web-App for your window-front mobile marketing. It is designed to be a quick & easy way for your local traffic to peruse your deals & products on their mobile from the street, while providing a marketing outreach to collect customers for you!

Empower mobile users.

Mobile users are the largest media-consumer group on the planet! They will search-out new ways to use their phones and 'ferret' out any-and-all benefits. Mobile consumers are "looking for deals".

Give them incentives to interact & enter your store. Then let them take it products on the go! Collect a growing database. Reach out to them with updates, product notifications, even when they're not near your store! All you need to do is put the decal on your window. We'll do the rest!

What is SmartCandy ?

SmartCandy is a whole new window-front marketing system that markets you from Your location, plus Other participating retailer locations too!

Fronted by a call-to-action decal in your store window, mobile users are easily able to access your specials with either of SMS/text, or QR-code, or URL(short web-address). The user scans the QR code, or enters a text address to reveal a coupon or offer from your business. Much like 'Groupon', your offer will have a limited time to use, and counts-down for them.

At the bottom of your store content on the App are other retailer offers from many neighbourhoods. Users can see and interact with those as well. Accordingly, your offers are visible from other location-participants, thereby expanding your marketing through exposure to many more mobile shoppers!!!

Why market your storefront with SmartCandy?

Smart Candy's Immediate Benefits to You

How Does SmartCandy Work for Window Shoppers?

By quickly accessing your Smartcandy decal information, mobile shoppers can 'Put a Deal in Their Hand', and know that they have a limited time to come into your store to redeem. (10-minute countdown, for the best possible deal).

User can redeem, or 'share' with others, (ie; 'like' your logo/store from their mobile), or merely ask to be notified in the event of a store-sale, upcoming product lines, etc.

Market from Your Window, & Other Retail Windows Too!

SmartCandy is designed to market you onsite & offsite at other locations, therefore, your store 'Candy' be seen at not only your location, but others as well. This provides greater content interest for shoppers, and also provides greater exposure to your store offers at many other participating locations.

How Does Smart Candy Work For You?

What do you need to get started?

Give us your logo, offer a few deals (i.e.25% off entire stock), details about your offers, info you want to share about your store and an image that portrays your products offered in the deals. In many cases, we can take general information directly from your own website.